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Welcome to Green Valley Farm. We are growing in 2024. See what to expect next spring of 2025!



Green Valley Farm is located just out side Troy Missouri in Bowling Green. The farm has been around for over 150 years. You will find with its lush green rolling hills and off the beaten path location. Visiting our farm will be a source of rejuvenation for the soul and fresh berries for your belly. 

 Today we are sharing our farm with your family as a

U-Pick berry and vegetable fields.  Our journey just started this year in 2024. It will take a year to grow the plants before it can produce fruit.  Look forward to 2025 as we open to the public with fresh organic blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and goose berries. 

Come take a break from the hustle of life and visit us next year. Spring of 2025!

Green Valley Farm?

Today is Sunday May the 5th. We are preparing the soil and forming rows for the plants to call home. The berry plants are expected to arrive from the grower this week. 

We view are farm as a way to highlight healthy green farming practices.  So.. in preparation for this patch we are using aged organic compost and mixing it in well prior to laying weed matting and drip irrigation.

In an effort to go a step further we have set up a solar pump station from RPS solar pumps.

Pick Your Own

Closed for 2024 while we grow our new plants!

Animal Petting

We will have animals for the family to pet in 2025. Currently they are being trained for petting this year.

Farm Cafe & Bakery

I Berries need to be grown. Come back in 2025 spring for details on what we will offer!


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